About # BandyinOlympics:

Supporters of the Petition have signed: “Yes, I support bandy into the Olympics!”

BandyinOlympics provides a platform for all to reach the IOC. BandyinOlympics provides condensed information that is the foundation of the petition. This information concludes in a short claim. The short claim was condensed to make the petition accessible for all.

“Bandy is qualified. To include bandy demonstrates good governance and fair play”


Several of the signatories would also have supported a three-sentence plea for compliance with the Fundamental Olympic Principles. To be accountable, the IOC must ensure that the sports programme follow its mandate. The 1st sentence supports the IOC reform efforts. The 2nd is self-evident and should not need any plea. The 3rd is backed up by research.

“Signatories are athletes, supporters, and stakeholders that support Agenda 2020 and the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Movement. We appeal the IOC to follow good governance of the sports programme. Compliance to these Principles will inevitably lead to the inclusion of bandy”

Petition Abstract

# BandyinOlympics webpage is designed for the broader public. The condensed information on #BandyinOlympics is based on comprehensive analyses (Research overview). The purpose of these analyses is to review the Olympic Charter (OC) criteria “real ongoing activity”. Moreover how well the Olympic Winter Games (OWG) sports programme aligns with the Olympic Principles declared in the OC. The sports programme is the principal power in the hands of IOC to reach these key Olympic object clauses. The research looks into how well they are implemented on the sports programme of the OWG.


The petition follows the IOC Calendar. It will endure until (1) bandy is on the sports programme. Or (2) until the IOC can provide valid and reliable (scientific) evidence that all the current 109 events have greater real ongoing activity than 2 bandy events.


The signatory list will be delivered to the IOC Sports Department and the Programme Commission (OPC) in a reasonable time prior to IOC Executive Board meetings and IOC Sessions. The first occasion is the 134th IOC Session in Lausanne June 2019. It will simultaneously decide host city and Sports (International Federations) for the 2026 Games.

Knut A. Sørensen

Knut A. Sørensen


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Elizaveta Zamotaeva


Tremendous thanks go to every signer of the petition. A Special Thanks to the Dignitaries and Luminaries who have signed their names and offered their support in the worthy cause of adding Bandy to the Winter Olympics.

A specific acknowledgment goes to all athletes and volunteers who daily offer their support. Volunteers encompassing fans, members of clubs, regional and national federations have sustained the sport with minimal resources. Voluntary work is without a doubt a true economic value creator and is protected.  The European Treaty’s Sports Article (165) defines volunteers’ pro bono work as The Special Character Of Sports.

Thanks to photographers who generously share their pictures: Martin Henriksson, Romus Ramström and others. Others: Please contact #bandyinolympics.

Gratitude is extended to practitioners and academicians for their contribution to the research.

Peer Review
The research has been shared with key actors within the Olympic Movement. They have been offered the opportunity for peer review.

Published status:
The research design of the study “Benchmarking Winter Sports” follows general research criteria. The research is not published nor deducted for academic review.

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