The Olympic Charter (OC)

  • Federation of International Bandy (FIB) is IOC Recognized Sport since 2004. In the OC, FIB is an Olympic Sport that may enter the Sports programme.
  • The sports programme is regulated under OC Rule 45. Sports (IFs) currently on the programme are listed under bylaw 1.4.1.
  • IOC Recognized Sports are eligible for the sports programme. Following Agenda 2020 the previous nametag “core sports” was removed.
  • The OC does no longer authorize unequal treatment of previous “core sports” (1.4.1) and IOC Recognized Sports (1.4.2.). Legally there is no difference between Sports.


The Olympic Principles declare that fair play is a precondition for Good Governance. Good Governance of the Sports programme is to secure a fair competition between Sports to qualify for the Games.

Bid Book

  • The IOC must ensure equal treatment of Sports. This involves a fair and flexible Bid Book.
  • The Bid Book is the template in which candidate cities prepare their application to host the Games. It is sent to candidate cities nine years prior to the Games.
  • It includes the venues the applicant cities need to plan and prepare. The Bid Book guides what Sports that will participate. This is no barrier for bandy due to plenty venue options.
  • Seven years prior to the Games, the IOC Session simultaneously elects Sports and the host city. Both decisions based on the template Bid Book. Simultaneously election of Sports and host city based on the Bid Book serves as barriers to entry. This barrier is, however, low for bandy.
  • Bandy use existing standard 100×60 ball sports arena that is available in every city in the World. Bandy can therefore seamlessly be included on the Sports programme at a low cost. The Bid Book can therefore not be used against bandy in any Winter Games.